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19.06.2002 – Club B2, Moscow, Russia

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Moscow Russia
Venue: Club B2
Country: Russia
Support: Black Coffee

01. Rammstein
02. Links 234
03. Sehnsucht
04. Feurer Frei!
05. Rein Raus
06. Adios
07. Mutter
08. Zwitter
09. Asche Zu Asche
10. Du Hast
11. Buck Dich
12. Sonne
13. Ich Will
14. Stripped


On June 19th band did not appeared on ULTRA 100.5 FM with promised talk to russian fans, but played live show at «B2» club during corporative party of «Bely Veter-DVM» computer company – so called Universal Rover Party, organized with support of Universal Music Russia and TCI. Banner «Sorry, closed for technical break» and locked doors were the best sign that the only guests of party were company personnel (serious businessmen, top managers and madams with their children-teenagers), plus some show-business stars è moscow beau monde.

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